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Date a guitar using it's
Serial Number
GuitarVintage is a portable and easy to use reference for using a Vintage Guitar's Serial Number to approximate its Date of Manufacture.

GuitarVintge currently includes the following makers:
  • Dobro
  • Fender, USA
  • Fender, Japan
  • Gibson
  • Gretsch
  • Martin
  • Rickenbacker

In addition, there is a reference section linking to web sites and publications that have information on determining the age of vintage guitars.

The many Serial Numbering systems used by the different makers were not necessarily meant to indicate the date of manufacture. Therefore using an instruments Serial Number is not always an accurate method for dating a Vintage Guitar.

However, using the Serial Number to date an instrument is a popular method and will usually place the instrument within a few years of it's actual manufacture date. Further research will be needed to authenticate the date of manufacture of an instrument.
Please contact AppsToKnow to report any errors in the data or problems with the App.:
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