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Rusting Fasteners:
Galvanic Action Between Common Materials
Quickly determine if a metal fastener will cause corrosion when in contact with another metal.
Geared toward a metal bolt, nut, screw or nail being in contact with another metal, this App gives a quick indication of the chances of rust or corrosion forming when the metals are in a harsh environment, such as outdoors or by the sea. This process is known as Galvanic Corrosion.

When metals are in contact with an electrolyte such as water an electrical current between the metals can be formed and this can cause one of the metals to rust or corrode. The electrolyte can come in many forms, such as water, snow, dew, humidity, ocean salt spray and/or air pollution., this App is a quick way to determine the Compatibility of the Metals.

The App is based on the Galvanic Series of Metals and Alloys and the metals are listed in order from Least Noble to Most Noble. In the presence of an Electrolyte the More Noble Metal will corrode the Less Noble Metal. The further apart the metals are on the scale, the faster the rate of corrosion.
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