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Building Decoder:
Decoding the Building Code
Based on the 2006 IBC, Building Decoder makes it easy for both the novice and experienced building professional to Decode the Building Code.

Building Decoder is comprised of 5 separate and distinct sections which can be used separately or together:
  1. Use Input & Use Summary: Calculates Max. Building Size, Egress and Plumbing Fixture Requirements.
  2. Fire Rating: Summarizes the required Fire Ratings of the building components.
  3. Openings: Summarizes the required rating for Openings in walls.
  4. Separation: Summarizes the required hourly Separation between different uses.
  5. Incidental Use: Summarizes the required hourly separation for Incidental Use areas.

Calculations and code references are included to make it easy to continue with your code research.

A good reference for Architects, Contractors, Commercial Real Estate Developers. Use it during Meetings with Clients, meetings with the Planning Department and Building Code Officials, Schematic Design and Construction Administration.

Building Decoder provides the following information:

Occupant Load
  • Includes an override for manually input a Total Occupant Load.
  • Includes calculations for ‘Assembly - Fixed Seats’ and ‘Bowling Centers’

Area Increases/Adjustments for:
  • Sprinklers
  • Area Increase
  • Multi Story

Required Egress:
  • Min. Number of Required Exits
  • Min. Door Egress Width
  • Min. Stair Egress Width
  • Max. Travel Distance
  • Max. Dead End Corridor

Allowable Building Size:
  • Max. Building Height
  • Max. Number of Stories
  • Max. S.F. per Story
  • Max Building S.F. (Multi Story)
  • App gives a warning if the desired criteria exceeds the allowable criteria.

Minimum Fixture Counts
  • Women's Lav’s & Toilets
  • Men’s Lav’s, Toilets & Urinals
  • Drinking Fountains, Service Sink and Showers

Fire Ratings:
  • Separation of Uses per Table 508.3.3
  • Building Component Ratings per Tables 601, 602 & 705.4
  • Openings Ratings per Tables 715.4, 715.5, 715.5.3 & 716.3.1
  • Separation for Incidental Use

Code References are included for further code research.

Please contact AppsToKnow to report any errors in the data or problems with the App.:
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Some modifications to IBC nomenclature have been made to help streamline the user experience. For example, Use type ‘A-3’ has been split into ‘A-3a’, ‘A-3b’ and ‘A-3c’ for purposes of calculating the Fixture Counts.

Building Decoder is not a substitute for the Building Codes. Knowledge of and access to the Building Codes is required to properly use this App. Please consult the local code officials to verify the codes being used in jurisdiction of the Work. AppsToKnow is not liable for any claim or damages that arise from the use of this application.